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Featured Burke Commercial Playground Projects

Kids Kingdom - Picayune, MS

Creating a place where all children in the community and beyond can come together for play, to express themselves and to be kids. That was the goal for Kids Kingdom in Picayune, MS and they achieved it with an incredible design that gives “play for all” a whole new meaning. A mixture of freestanding play events from music and games to climbing and spinning, provide engagement and surprises for children of all ages and abilities. The Brava® Universal Swing highlights everyone’s ability to swing and have control over their play experience while the Nucleus® Evolution® Tower beckons children for adventure and exploration. This exciting, engaging playspace will be the backdrop for many happy memories for all those who visit.



Thompson County Park - West St. Paul, Minnesota

If one word could describe Thompson County Park it would be extraordinary. If we had more than one word, we could say ingenious, fun, inclusive and original. Whatever we say about it, this park radiates creativity and will turn heads for years to come! The playspace educates children on the importance of pollinators with themed play components and surfacing featuring honeybees, flowers and pathways for pollination. The majestic Nucleus Evolution Tower overlooks the playspace beckoning children in for adventure and excitement. Bringing nature into the space, mature trees, planters and benches surround the play environment and provide the perfect complement to the ClubHouse-style playground. This space is ready to play!



Immanuel Lutheran - Brookfield, Wisconsin

Play builds community and the playspace at Immanuel Lutheran is the work of a devoted community coming together through fundraising effort to bring the best in play for children of all ages and abilities. With dedicated play areas for children ages 6-23 months, 2-5 and 5-12, all children will have play experiences that help them grow, explore, learn and be challenged at developmentally appropriate levels. Climbing, sliding, imaginative play, music, spinning and more are built to offer play variety and help all children find the best of themselves through play. Using the school colors within the playspace cultivates pride and makes everyone feel part of the school community.



Pace Academy - Atlanta, Georgia

Pace Academy boasts magnificent buildings, an atmosphere of learning and exploration, and now, one of the most incredible play environments known to kids. Designed to complement the castle-like buildings, this playspace blends form and function to bring adventure, imagination and loads of play and development to the students at Pace Academy. The Nucleus® Evolution® towers beg to be explored with rope climbers and slides that beckon children to play. A “bridge” from the second level of the school building brought an architect’s plans to life and transports children directly to the top of the tower where they can choose their own decent – slide or climb – and dig into the rest of this incredible play environment.