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We work with schools, churches, park districts, and other municipalities within North Dakota, South Dakota and Western Minnesota to help with playground planning, playground safety surfacing, site amenities, basketball systems & more!

If you are planning for a new school playground or city park playground – let us know. We can send you a packet of information including our catalog to help you get started!

Commercial playground equipment is My Turn Playsystems’ specialty. We represent **Krauss Craft, the maker of Playcraft Systems, which has produced quality playground equipment for the past 25 years. Located in Grants Pass, Oregon, Playcraft is one of the few companies that do everything in house. Their stringent quality control checkpoints are one of the reasons they have been the fastest growing manufacturer in the industry. Playcraft’s equipment has an industry exclusive double powder coating process that leaves a protected layer of paint 11 millimeters thick on all metals. This gives the steel an unmatched lustrous, beautiful sheen and a highly durable finish.

We often help with the beginning stages of playground planning; to help you come up with an idea, concept, and budget to help with updating and/or replacing playground equipment. We offer these planning services FREE OF CHARGE and if needed, we can travel right to your location in North Dakota, South Dakota or Western Minnesota to see the site and help come up with some options.

Basketball systems are an excellent addition to existing parks and schools and the number of options for the different types of basketball systems has greatly expanded over the years. Some hoops have adjustable settings for height, options to be wall mounted or in-ground mounted, and there are also lots of accessories like custom padding as well as different rim and net styles.

Flex Fiber is an IPEMA certified engineered wood fiber playground surfacing material that is produced and shipped locally right here in West Fargo, North Dakota. In addition to the IPEMA certifications (ASTM 2075 and 1292), FLEX FIBER, has also been tested for wheelchair accessibility, meets the specifications of ASTM 1951, and is also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – unlike wood chips, pea gravel, and sand. Another standout feature of FLEX FIBER is our unique shipping location.

There are several options for playground surfacing depending on the available budget, safety specifications, accessibility concerns and ease of care. My Turn Playsystems is here to help you navigate through the planning process to find the type of surfacing that is the best fit for your playground. Some of the most common options for playground surfacing include: Engineered Wood Fiber, Rubber Mulch, Poured-In-Place Rubber, and Artificial Turf. Sand and Pea Gravel are also an option, but they do not meet the ADA accessibility requirements; so we often help our customers with existing pea rock and sand come up with a plan to convert their playground to an approved type of surfacing.

My Turn Playsystems offers several installation options throughout North Dakota, South Dakota and Western Minnesota. We help cater the type of installation based on the customer’s needs. Installation can range from a total turnkey installation, to a supervised installation where the customer supplies a crew of volunteers all the way down to just installation of safety surfacing. Our installers are certified and have extensive experience with all types of installations so you can rest assured that the utmost care and precision is being taken with each and every job that they are on.

Recycled plastic border timbers are a cost-effective addition to any playground that act as a barrier to help contain your playground surfacing. The borders stand 12″ tall and come in 4′ lengths and can be arranged in most any shape/angle that you might need. In addition to the border timbers, we also offer recycled plastic wheelchair accessible ramp systems that also work great as an access point for small children and/or strollers.

There are many options for independent climbers that will serve children of all ages and even young adults. We have several vendors that we represent – each offering different designs and options – whether it be a natural looking rock with hand holds, a pyramid rope climber, or even an indoor climbing wall. Independent climbers get their name because they can be installed on their own without being attached to a traditional playground, so it offers a lot of flexibility for arrangement and orientation in most scenarios.

One of the most-used aspects of a park or school are the benches and tables. We are a retailer of Premier Polysteel – who designs and manufactures outdoor furniture and site amenities & offers an array of options that are durable, comfortable, and affordable. In addition to tables and benches, we also offer Trash Receptacles, Bike Racks, Grills, Fire Rings, Ash Urns and even customizable items that feature your logo, or a memorial tribute.

Rubber wear mats are an excellent addition to any playground to help maintain safety and minimize maintenance. They help prevent the loose surfacing ‘kick-out’ areas that occur in high traffic areas such as beneath belt swings and at slide exits. The rubber wear mats are extremely heavy and durable and are easily installed within any type of loose surfacing and pay for themselves over time because they greatly reduce the need for ongoing maintenance.

Shelters are an important aspect to any park – especially throughout North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota because of our extreme weather variances! When choosing a shelter we can help you take into consideration the size needed, desired usage, the climate (snow, wind and rain tolerances) and of course design and appearance to help find the perfect option to add to the value and use of your park or school.

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