Flex Fiber

FLEX FIBER is an engineered wood fiber (also known as EWF) product that is used as a safety surface beneath playground equipment. EWF is specifically designed for playground use and is a loose, mulch-like mixture of specially ground hardwood chips that meet very detailed specifications regarding chip size and shape, consistency, drainage, impact attenuation, and other qualities. The regulation on playground surfacing is incredibly important – the final product is required to be a very specific shape and size. The shape and size of the wood fiber particles are what give EWF its high safety ratings and allows it to ‘knit’ together into a soft carpet as it settles.

FLEX FIBER has been tested and certified to meet the IPEMA standards for ASTM 2075 and ASTM 1292, and in addition to that, it also meets the specifications of ASTM 1951 for wheelchair accessibility, and is also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – unlike wood chips, pea gravel, and sand.

Another standout feature of FLEX FIBER is our unique shipping location. We stockpile the mulch on-site at our shop in West Fargo, ND and because we are so centrally located within our territory – you will see a major decrease in the freight charges.

FLEX FIBER must be installed at a compacted depth of 12″ – this will protect for fall heights up to 12′ high. As a precaution, we recommend that all EWF calculations take into account a 33% compaction. For example, if you want to scribe a final compacted depth of 12” than 18” of loose material should be installed.

Why Choose FLEX FIBER?

  • FLEX FIBER is created from 100% debarked Tamarack Trees (no twigs, leaves or debris)
  • FLEX FIBER is resistant to decomposition
  • FLEX FIBER is shipped locally (reducing freight costs)
  • FLEX FIBER is both high-impact absorbing AND economical
  • FLEX FIBER is a PRIDE OF DAKOTA product.

Please contact My Turn Playsystems for additional information, pricing, or help calculating quantities.

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