The NFUSE Play System

Watch this video to learn more about Playcraft Systems and the NFUSE Modular Play System. At My Turn Playsystems, we are happy to meet with you to discuss tailoring any playground to your footprint and budget. Get in touch with our team today!

Product Number: NF57D02AA

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Playground Options

Below are additional playground options we feature at My Turn Playsystems. If you’d like more information about either option, please reach out to us via our contact form or give us a call at 855-268-7529.

Round-5 Playsystems

Our premier line features traditional post and deck construction, enhanced by modern components and our unique King-Clamp TM fastening system. This revolutionary system allows designers to attach up to six components per clamp for unmatched flexibility, clean designs, and money-saving construction.

Round 3.5 Playsystem

Round-3.5 Playsystems

The Round-3.5 features many of the same quality components found in our popular Round-5 designs, reduced in size for smaller sites and budgets. In addition, many of the components, from panels to barriers, are made per order from HDPE sheet plastic, ideal for design flexibility and customization.

NFUSE Playsystem


The NFUSE line strikes the perfect balance of innovative design and functional play spaces, creating an invigorating playscape every time. Challenging cables, elevated climbers and social hangout spots are ideal for the 5-12 user. Connect interchangeable bays and extensions, or link between play systems to infuse new play opportunities. Modules, freestanding and hybrid structures can be tailored to fit any playground footprint and budget.


Offering contemporary styling with a blend of modern and traditional play components, these systems are ideal for customers searching for unique, cutting-edge playground designs. From climbing to swaying, balancing to sliding, our wide selection of components is sure to delight.

Hybrid Playground


Hybrid systems combine the traditional post and deck features of our Round-5 systems with our Revolution line’s unique offerings. These modular systems allow for the greatest amount of customization, offering the widest variety of play styles and components in the industry.

Themed Playground


A well-designed Theme provides added play value by incorporating a child’s already active imagination. In a world of “one-size-fits-all”, Playcraft Systems stands out as a company that is willing to go the extra mile to help you make your playground unique. When a fully themed playground just won’t work for your project, we recommend creating a themed area or “pod”. By grouping themed components together, kids can enjoy the imaginative play possibilities, while you enjoy your one-of-a-kind playground.

Inclusive Play Structure


The best measure of an inclusive play structure’s success is how the community actually uses it.

Our playground consultants work closely with their clients to design towards attracting and enabling a broader range of users of diverse abilities and skill levels. A successful design can build social capital through many community engagement opportunities along the way. And, from watching children play together without barriers, as a result of their efforts.

My Turn Playsystems


Freestanding items are a great way to add variety to your playground. If you have a small area or budget, these are a simple and cost-effective solution for high-density fun. Every commercial playground could benefit from a few of these dynamic attractions.

Playcraft offers an array of freestanding item solutions that are sure to suit your specific play area. Get the most out of your playground budget by adding a few splendid freestanding items. Playcraft is offering a plethora of different items for you to choose climbers, motion, events/activities, spring riders, play vehicles, net effects, balance, or the toddler series to name a few.